We are in the same place, where nature has grown wide fields of reed. Since the beginning in 1991., up untill today, we are led and ispired by idea of ecological balance and justice, we even named our selves after it, with quality products we won our customer's trust and loyality, as well as good share of serbian and regional market. Ekojuring produces only ecological,clean and nature friendly products:

Reed insulation panels

Reed mats

Reed umbrellas

Reed insulation panel

Reed insulation planels are light construction panels, made by special method - mechanical pressing of unprocessed reed stalks. These panels are used in construction, especially in thermal and acoustic insulation of floors, walls, ceilings, etc., they are also used in construction of agricultural structures.

They are environment friendly building materials and have excellent heat insulation and the lightness. In the process of preparing reed-plates, the single reeds are pressed between parallel running wire pairs without adding any chemical bonding agent. The results of tests about heat insulation, mechanical solidity and soundproofing have proved that the reed-plate produced by our company is a quality product with a complex use.


Width: 150 cm, Length: 200 cm. Thick: 2, 3, 4 i 5 cm.

Reed mats

Dense reed-mats are woven with plastic thread or galvanized steelwire.They can be used as protection against wind and sunshine, for balconies, country houses, gardens, beaches etc. They are produced in rolls 6 m in length, with breadth: 100, 120, 140, 160, 180, 200 cm and according to our customers demands.

Reed umbrellas

Reed umbrellas are perfect for your garden, pool, or beach. They create a cooler shade environment compared to canvas.


Radius: 250cm


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